Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You Are Enough.

You Are Enough.

You Matter.

Know how I know? I'm a teacher too, and I once felt this too...
I got my masters degree and started to finally feel accomplished, as if something really truly went right in my life. I was highly qualified! Then it went away, this feeling of always playing catch up, or not being enough of a teacher to meet the needs of a changing administration and district.

But finally, I overcame, and I am grateful to be able to say that I am overflowing with abundance now. I feel good enough as a teacher, and maybe even a little bit more. And I don't even have to eat to feel this way.

One of the ways that we sometimes deal with feelings of inadequacy, is that we begin to eat to satisfy a need, especially sugar, when we feel we are missing the sweetness of a situation in life we feel should already be so. A positive compliment from a boss or a pay raise (or even a returning of pay) is all we wanted. It's what we deserve, our birthright even, to be given our due for such a deeply challenging job that includes tasks that no one wants to deal with, but someone has to.

But what we end up doing to ourselves in the event of unconsciously trying to heal the part of ourselves that truly needs sweet relief, we end up feeding it sugar. And when we do this, we create consequences that we could not have even conceived of, as we innocently eat one more piece.

Check out this report on leptin, a key hormone in the fight for keeping weight at bay.


So in short, leptin gives the full signal. If you don't get a signal, you don't feel full. Sugar does everything it can to make sure that you feel like you're not getting enough...and since you're not getting it from yourself or from your current situation, this may encourage you to eat even more.

The hardest part to accept about leptin and foods that are not life-affirming, is that the consequence of eating any sugar is the same, whether you eat a little of it or a lot. It really is one of those things where moderation isn't key. The question becomes whether you choose to feed your body with positive, life-affirming nutrient, or poison. After all, the power of that negative thought or action that the sugar triggered, is your mind's response to the negativity, so it could be classified as a self-degradation. If you are still eating foods that don't positively validate your existence, do you truly feel as if you are enough?

Well in case you were wondering, yeah, you are. You are enough. You're even more than that.


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