Saturday, May 18, 2013

A teacher Eats Grad night.

"Hello, these are your feet calling. Please sit in a chair, preferably lying down on a bench even, if possible. Now stop moving." Grad nights present problems for the working teacher. First, they don't see their home that day, they hope they wore comfy shoes and hope to endure a park full of screaming kids, albeit they are the district's finest. A wonderful time is definitely had by all...but the day is literally the longest day ever. This is why good chaperones prepare.

Did I prepare well? Well let's review. I brought a protein shake and fruit to school, tea but not enough water. I did not take a multi, and got a cup of evening coffee. They offered evening snacks like pretzels, salsa and chips with nacho sauce and raw vegetables. Hm. Ugh, was my initial reaction. I didn't end up doing much better, but at least I found some protein and ate fried, battered jalapeƱo fish and fries. I was so saddened by the meal because it was a good diet gone wrong, but only for the moment. I knew I could fix this mess. After all, I was in the land of the superhero. I could fix anything. And boy did it taste good to have a mess to fix.
A note on cutting back on grain carbs: it seems inevitable that the body will eventually want those carbs back if you are extracting them from your diet. If you are, several things should take place. Firstly, in real time, fried fish is not a sustainable habit with white flour and excessive oils. Secondly, give yourself carbs that support the highest goal possible. Thirdly, there are plenty of starchy carbs that can help you avoid a food tragedy by selecting whole, unprocessed food like sweet potatoes and bananas. Next, have them as early as possible. People reach for carbs sometimes as a need for balance in their nutritional profile, and have either cut back too far, or simply need the nutrition the carbs provided, such as extra B complex.

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